Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts - May 12, 2009

Today's Canadian Stock Alerts In Review:

OPC.TO closed @ 3.81 and ranged between 3.57 & 4.30
LUN.TO closed @ 2.57 alert @ 2.61 (came back from 2.40)
ML.TO closed @ 1.86 alert @ 1.89 (usually pops after 9:30am)
CS.TO closed @ 2.20 alert @ 2.18 (could gap Wednesday am)
SGF.TO closed @ .85 mentioned @ .71 - JUST AMAZING !!

There was a pretty severe correction in many stocks today and yes maybe we did need a breather. The TSX has just been rocking of late. Nonetheless There are always tremendous opportunities when these entire market pullbacks occur.

If you've been waiting to dive into OPC or LUN .. well today was a terrific opportunity. Remember this is the logic of it, not the emotion of it. Pullbacks make great sense when you have already seen what's possible, and can anticipate a retracing of those levels.

I did'nt buy SGF today as I wanted a pull back, it just kept going and was a pleasure to watch the volume. There maybe a pullback op in the morning. But congrats to all who took the ride. Volume was fantastic ... but pullbacks always happen, so we'll see.

I held a few of my pullback purchases for tomorrow, OPC, LUN & ML .. they could run hard at the open. Hoping for a gap on CS and a nice 10:00am pullback on SGF ...

Now shake it all off, relax, enjoy your evening and we'll be back tomorrow.

Canadian Stock Alerts are updated throughout market hours

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