Thursday, May 28, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts - May 28, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts Update:

EXPLORATION OREX INC - OX.V @ .17 on 476,000 shares traded this morning

If you were waiting for a pullback op this may be it.

Orex is expecting their NI43-101 report very soon. It should reveal approx 2 million + oz of gold at the bare minimum, and considering the much larger area to be reported on for the official 43-101, the oz's of gold reported could be much higher. This will become their bankable blueprint, to retail and institutional investors alike, also remember their unique "nugget effect" gold on the property. DD links were supplied in earlier posts. Mark Billings is President & CEO, he is very hands on and easy to reach.

The details of a good NI43-101 report will reach many eyes. No junior would engage in this detailed a report unless they thought their property had significant gold worth reporting. Thus explaining why so many are following Orex at present.

Canadian Stock Alerts are updated throughout market hours

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