Friday, May 8, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts - May 8, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts Update

EARTHFIRST CANADA INC .. this is one of those speculative plays

EF.TO trades on the Toronto Exchange not Vancouver
it's in creditor protection right now and that is managed
by Ernst & Young. They have invested hundreds of millions
in this project and are now quietly selling the company.

Earthfirst is at .04 and was almost $2.00 just a year ago
it's most likley suitor will be a hydro utility as it is
the perfect fit.

Here's a link to a possible buyout price EF Buyout Price

Now this is a speculative play and it plays to your personal
tolerance for risk. I have noticed millions of shares being acquired
very quietly over the past few weeks. At .04 there could be a very nice upside but again, a pure speculation play .. don't bet the farm!

The Earthfirst website is also a great place too see their projects
and as such get a feel for what any suitor is also looking at.

Spend the weekend doing a little digging, or due diligence if you like.

Canadian Stock Alerts are updated throughout market hours

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