Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts - June 10, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts Update:

You've no doubt seen me mention two Canadian junior mining companies that I believe are story stocks ready to make great strides. Century Mining (CMM.V) and Orex Exploration (OX.V) both are just under .20 right now and both awaiting what could easily be huge breakout news. CMM waiting on $65 million in financing news and OX waiting on their official 43-101 to prove their 2 - 3 million oz gold find.

The gold bugs all remember the days of the so called 10 bagger or 20 and even 30 bagger. Junior mining plays that actually went up by 1000% or even 3000%. After BreX most don't think that's even possible now, WRONG grasshopper! Just look at Ventana Gold Corp (VEN.TO) . It was literally in the teens at Christmas 2008 and yesterday it was trading millions of shares over $5.00 ... from .15 to $5.00 that's hmmm let's see, at least a 30 bagger, or 3000% increase, so yes they do still exist.

The gold bugs in us are always on the hunt for these treasures. A little research can go a long way to discovering some very healthy/wealthy profits.

Canadian Stock Alerts are updated throughout market hours

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