Friday, January 15, 2010

Canadian Stock Alerts - January 15, 2010

On September 3rd I wrote (below) today YAN.V is up 50% to .075 .. have a great weekend
YANGARRA RESOURCES LTD - YAN.V @ .05 on 3.8 million shares traded

So here we are again with another volume story. This is an oil play that has definitely peeked some interest of late. Today YAN did hit .065 and does have a 52 week high of .21 .

I noticed this line in a recent news release "The Company announced on July 15, 2009, that it had entered into a non-arms length farm out agreement with Athabaska Energy Ltd." So this little company may have some home run potential. Now that's not a buy recommendation, remember I am only mentioning Yangarra because of today's volume.

Remembering that natural gas is a cyclical commodity, and it's at it's low point today just as we are soon to enter the winter heating season, which typically raises the commodity price for natural gas. Energy investors are watching the cycle of these penny energy stocks. For now though, it's worth keeping an eye on it.


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