Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts - July 29, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts Update:

OREX EXPLORATION INC - OX.V @ .14 on 273,000 shares traded

OX caught my attention back in mid May with a huge spike in trading volume. It was then around .14 and they were working on their 43-101 report. They're a Canadian junior mining company in Nova Scotia with what looks like a million + ounces of gold.

Mark Billings the President & CEO will be holding a conference call next Tuesday (August 4th) to discuss this and other items. It should draw new interest to OREX and it could easily trade millions of shares, it's the high trading volume we want to see again.

OREX could easily be a the next Canadian story stock, we've witnessed a few great ones of late in EVG, NOT and BXI. Just a word of caution though, no matter how good the story looks on paper or how compelling the story may be told, until the trading volume follows the story, it's just that, another story. I for one like the story, but the story is always untold without the trading volume.

So we'll keep OREX EXPLORATION INC high on our radar for now.

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