Thursday, November 5, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts - METALS CREEK RESOURCES

Canadian Stock Alerts Update:

METALS CREEK RESOURCES - MEK.V @ .19 on 691,000 shares traded

MEK has had a nice run this week. From a low of .11 early in the week to a high of .20 just this morning. MEK was as high as .28 this past August. Now you've heard me talk seemingly forever about the psychological price point threshold, and in this case it's stuck right there at .19

Remember if it doesn't get through .195 with conviction, wait for the pullback, as it usually does pullback only to then retest the former high. Volume is higher than usual but getting over a million shares trading would certainly help the share price stabilize.

Also keep in mind that MEK is sitting in Timmins, Ontario, which has been home to some extremely rich deposits over the years.

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