Friday, July 17, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts - July 17, 2009

Canadian Stock Alerts Update:

EXPLOR RESOURCES - EXS.V @ .195 on 683,000 shares traded

They had news yesterday that seems to have pulled the stock back. It's has been mid 20's to low 30' this month and was as high as .29 just yesterday. So are we oversold at .195?

Well by now you know my thoughts on the "psychological price point threshold" and it surely exists here at .195 .. we are stalled for now. My thinking is that once EXS gets it's wind back & pushes through .20 it may easily get back to the higher 20's and retest that level.

So it's a watch closely stance for now .. it has to break .20 with conviction, or else it could easily fall back further. And remember, it's a summer Friday, with traditionally much lighter trading.

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